Once again, another member of the Updenkelder family decides to jump on the "Blog-waggon". This blog was SUPPOSED to be more of a "photo-journalistic" approach to blogging, since I am very addicted to my Canon DSLR. However, it hasnt seen much use in recent months. Thanks for tuning in! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Weekend Fishing Trip

Ok so about 2 months ago I called my father and insisted that he plan a "father / son" outing that had to envolve floating down a river, fisihing, and beer! Here we are 2 months later and we add 8 more people to the mix (not that I am complaining.... "the more the marrier" seems to be a popular saying among us Updenkelders).

Day one consisted of a 5am departure from Corvallis (good thing I still have my connections!) and about a 10:30 boat launch time. I caught the largest fish of the entire trip this day, unfortunatly we were fishing for Bass, and I caught a Catfish. Too many beers later, I am dozing off in a chair near the camp fire, only waking long enough to shove a few mouth-fulls of food in. What a great day!

Day two consisted of me cursing myself for the lack of sunscreen applied on the first day. I remember my father telling me to put my shirt back on, and it's a dang good thing he did.. I ended up with second degree burns on my shoulder. Yes mother... I know we have skin cancer issues, and I know I was an idiot...

Day three fitted me back in a pontoon boat and ready for a nice relaxing float down the lower section of the John Day. Well I had no idea that we wouldnt be in ANY current all day, so my already sore arms were again punished. 4 hours and 4 beers later, I was asleep in the back of the truck! A quick Burger King stop in Madras (which I mostly slept through), and we were back on the road headed for home!


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