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Saturday, July 02, 2005

A little family history!

So I was REALLY bored... and searching the internet for "updenkelder" and came across this... I don't know that ANY of us knew this stuff. This is just a breif exerpt... there is MUCH more at the site.

About the Updenkelder's I can tell you the following. In 1847 Jan op den Kelder, his wife Marie Haker and their four children, Jan (male)of 1831, Antje (female) of 1837, Jantje (female) of 1839 and Roelof (male) of 1844 sailed to the USA together with Pieter Oudejans. He was not married and stayed single. In in the same year 1847 Marie Haker died. Jan remarried with a certain Lena (no surname). Jan died in 1885 and Lena in 1888. His son Willem died in 1850, probably unmarried. Now the puzzle starts! I have booklet, written by Herman op den Kelder, containing the genealogy of the Op den Kelder's, in which I find a marriage of Roelof op den Kelder, born 7 March 1841 in Nibbixwoud, died in 1919 in Blokker, married to Trijntje Hoogland on 9 August 1874 in Nibbixwoud. A translation of Trijntje Hoogland in English could be Katie Highlander. Trijntje and Katie are shorts of Catherine. In the same booklet I find Johannes M. op den Kelder. born 12 April 1803 in Nibbixwoud. married on 4 October 1835 to Marie Haker, widow of Klaas Bijl. They had at least two children, Antje born on 9 September 1837 in Nibbixwoud and Roelof, born 24 March 1844 in Nibbixwoud. I mentioned them before. What you have on rootsweb and I have, I combined and I ended with the following family: Rudolf op den Kelder married to Trijntje Hoogland (Katie Highlander). They had the following children: Ervin born around 1876 Annie, born around 1878, married to John Rambertus Oudeans William, born around 1879 Gloss, born around 1880, married to Arabella Oudeans I'm convinced that these children were born in the USA and not in the Netherlands. Last year I did some research in our Dutch archives and found nothing about the birth of Gloss. And Gloss is not a normal Dutch name. Annie and John married in 1896. Annie died in 1899. They had two children, Eva Lydia, born 1897 and John Leo, born 1899. John remarried Minnie Alice Jolly. They had five children, Zelma May, born 1902, June L., born 1905, Evelyn (?) born around 1908, Nadine E., born 1910 and Charles Rodney, born 1914. I have several copies of the genealogy of the Op den Kelder's. Of course it is Dutch. If you're interested I can send you a copy. Did you know that Op den Kelder's are orginally from Germany? Than they wrote their name as Auf dem Keller. I mailed a lot with Bob Updenkelder from AZ, but I knew more of his than he did! He is a descendent of Ervin.

Taken from http://www.rootsweb.com/~wioconto/fye.htm


Blogger j said...

does this still mean you're the last updenkelder unless you have son?

3:12 PM

Blogger momof2 said...

Gloss and Arabella - are my great grandparents - They were born in Wisconsin, then moved to Washington State.

6:46 PM

Blogger momof2 said...

I have to fix this ... as I found out later Gloss was born in Holland. Arabella put down that she was born in Ohio on her marriage record ... so I was wrong

5:55 PM


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