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Monday, July 11, 2005

Got Granola?

So in my continuing pursued to broaden my horizons, I spent a couple days this weekend getting in touch with my "granola" side. It turns out, I don't have much of a granola side... but I may as well try eh?

Friday night Tina and I headed to Cougar reservoir and Hot Springs about an hour east of Eugene. Of course the only weekend I decide to camp this summer and it decides to rain. Making a fire Friday night was a travesty, and only after I remembered my bag of "just light here" charcoal, was I able to get a fire going. Once the fire was blazin, it was time for steaks, corn and salad! Gah I love camping!

After 2 failed attempts to start a fire Saturday morning in the rain, we said the heck with it and drove home! So much for eggs and bacon on the fire...

Ok, so I know what you are thinking... Hot Springs? That's not THAT Granola? It only gets better! For those of you who REALLY know me... you realize that the LAST place you would find me would be the Oregon Country Fair. That is, until today! (Well yesterday really).

Jess and I rolled in at about 11:15 to find a brigade of volunteers directing traffic into what looked like an abandoned wheat field. 15 minutes later, we are finally directed to a parking spot, which couldn't have been more than 200 yards from where we pulled in... Apparently there are people that enjoy the power of yelling at motorists for parking too far away from the next car over.

Butterflys, Hot Pink Cats, Fairies, Belly Dancing Gorillas, and a Cave Man pretty much sum up the types of people I encountered. The Fair sort of reminded me of the Tom Sawyer area of Disney Land, only these people weren't actors in some corporate scheme to make millions.

I didn't take very many pictures but ill at least show a couple for those dyeing to know.

Who said you can't start a fire without a match! This man did, and it only took him 15 minutes! I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't use a lighter. Isn't technology grand?

And what Country Fair would be complete without a PVC ball of Death?
(I don't get it....)

I kept waiting for Lil' John to pop out.....

...and there was Robin Hood and his merry men


Blogger j said...

oh man, the country fair! the one time i went was the summer before college. i drove my mustang over, i think. and mom wouldn't let me camp.

what about the dude who paints himself silver and walks around putting silver on everyone's forehead until by the end of the day you can tell he's touched almost everyone.

way to step outside your cozy zone, bro.

11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy that was scary. If we could just ship the fair to Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we might be able to keep them contained with a big PVC ball.

4:43 PM


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