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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Job Jitters

The realness of the new job is now starting to hit. I have been nose deep in reading materials from listening skills, to executive recruiter training manuals... and I am just starting to realize how real this job is. In my last adventure at Percipio Consulting Group, I was thrown in to the fire, but the paycheck was guaranteed. This time, I am doing a job that is mostly reserved for the experienced and the talented, with no guarantee of a paycheck. Sure, the potential is sky high, but in this "sink or swim" line of work... NOTHING is guaranteed. I guess it the unknown that both excites and terrifies me of this job, but hey... If your gunna play the game, you may as well play the deluxe edition!

Off to the Country Club for a quick dip in the pool!


Anonymous jenni said...

you are well-"experienced" and -talendted in the fine art of bullshitting, which is mostly what you'll probably need. so work it!

10:11 AM

Anonymous jenni said...

also, i am a gud splelr

10:12 AM


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