Once again, another member of the Updenkelder family decides to jump on the "Blog-waggon". This blog was SUPPOSED to be more of a "photo-journalistic" approach to blogging, since I am very addicted to my Canon DSLR. However, it hasnt seen much use in recent months. Thanks for tuning in! :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm Published!

So a while back I was approached by a female interested in having her pictures taken for submission to Playboy. If you want the WHOLE story, you can just ask me... It's a lot to type.

Anyways, I agreed to do the pictures and about 3 months passed without hearing anything about them. Three days ago I opened a letter from Playboy Enterprises and enclosed was a letter thanking me for my submission and enclosed was a check for $25 bucks! Apparently my photos were chosen for Playboy's online gallery, and as a token of their gratitude (and to prevent them from a law suit) they sent me a check. Apparently she won $100 bucks and I got $25, but to be honest... I doubt I will even cash the check. The $25 bucks isn't worth the check signed my Playboy in by opinion :)


Blogger j said...

*that is awesome. congratulations, and keep up the "good work". two things that will never go out of style: drinking and porn.

11:48 AM


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