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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Portland Park Marathon!

2 point for procrastination!

Ok, with that out of the way... Thursday I had 2 very substantial projects due for Bio 101 (my second to last class). One of the projects I completed on Tuesday night and it mainly consisted of some research online and a few pretty little pictures. Cake. WELL, Wednesday night I was going to focus on the last of my assignments; an observation journal. Sounds simple enough eh? Well the problem is that I was supposed to be doing 1 journal entry per week for the entire class. I guess I missed the memo on that one, and I chose to do them all at once.

At 5:15 I put a call in to Katy to see if she wanted to brave the challenge with me (Ok well I may have sugar-coated the task a bit). She agreed to meet me at my place and we would go around town doing the observations. Luckily, I had done 2 "observations" already earlier in the day (lunch hour) so I ONLY had 6 more to go. I finished typing the second one right as Katy arrived.

WERE OFF! So first destination was the Portland Rose Garden, for the simple fact that I knew exactly where it was. After spending a brief amount of time there, we headed up the hill towards the zoo to make another entry. We ended up killing 4 birds with one stone in Washington Park! The archery range, small gravel pull-out, and Hoyt Arboritum all joined the list of journal entries. 6 down... 2 to go...

For the last 3, we headed out 185th (a familiar stomping ground from when I lived with Richard). First stop was Powerline Park, followed by Bethany Lakes and finally to the Skyline Tavern for a much needed beer!

Thanks for the help Katy!


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