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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Beavs, Geeks and Beats

Yet another fun-filled weekend in the record books.

Friday after work I headed down to Salem to pick up Stephan (-AaD-Ct_Killa). The plan was to head down to Corvallis in time to go out to Cantina! We had to wait around for a while until some people arrived that were dropping off a washer and dryer, so we went to dinner at some dive mexican food place (that served a mean Margharitta)! Around 9:30, the truck finally showed up and we set out to help unload.

9:45 and we were on the road to Corvallis! We arrived at Jess's house with minutes to spare! It was time to PARTY! Well, maybe not... I was driving so I stayed sober and I think Jess had a BIT too much to drink. We crashed around 3am.

Next day... GO BEAVS! Stephan and I acquired 2 tickets to see the Beavers play Portland State. The new stadium looks amazing! A few beers later and we were ready to watch the beating. At half-time we met up with Derek and Katie at their tailgate parking spot. Derek had expressed to us that we should head down to Eugene and hang out with all the old gang. Little did he know....

Midway through the 4th quarter, Stephan and I packed up and took off headed for Eugene. Little did Derek know that his g/f had actually planned a surprise party for him. It was all I could do to keep from busting up when he asked us to come down. I formulated my usual response "right derek... I think not".

We had a keg and some BBQ, so the rest of the night was mostly drinkin and eatin! I did get to see some old faces... Luke was there and so were Russell and Elena. Props on the new ride Russ, its SO you!

Sunday it was a mad scramble to make it back to Salem by 10. I worked at Wilamette Valley Vinyards from 11am to 6pm pouring wine in the tasting room. I sold about 3k in wine and enjoyed every minute of it!

After wine came the foam party. Barracuda's was having their end of the summer foam party, and there was NO WAY I was going to miss it! I got back to Portland around 7pm, took an hour nap and started drinking! Richard, Mark and I prefunked at my place then Mark drove us to the bar. 5 hours later, I was soaking wet in pineapple flavored foam and the only thing I could think was "haha, I don't have to work tomorrow!"

Monday was relaxing! I played 9 holes at Claremont with Mark and went home to relax. Nick and I watched about 6 episodes of 24 (my new addiction) and I turned in early for the start of my work week!


Blogger Eldon said...

Damn it, I missed another foam party. You need to tell me these things Matt.. *grin*

6:29 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Hey don't hate! We had a great time :)

12:08 PM

Anonymous Derek said...

What season of 24? 1/2 = wins, 3 = lame, lost interest halfway through.

12:30 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

lol...i think you are being kind to me when you say that I had just a BIT too much...it was more than a BIT...but thanks babe :)

11:34 PM


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