Once again, another member of the Updenkelder family decides to jump on the "Blog-waggon". This blog was SUPPOSED to be more of a "photo-journalistic" approach to blogging, since I am very addicted to my Canon DSLR. However, it hasnt seen much use in recent months. Thanks for tuning in! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Outdoor Fun

Instead of driving back to Portland this week, I decided to stay in Corvallis with my friend Jess. She has the CUTEST dog and today we dicided to pack up shop and go canoe'ing. I actually came up with the plan at about 9am after breakfast. We packed up food and water for the dog, dropped the back seats down in the Jeep, and headed to the Outdoor Rec Center to snag a canoe... Well... as an Updenkelder, we are all aware of the phrase "closed on Monday's". We got the rec center at about 10am and of course they didnt open for another 2 hours due to summertime.

Determined to have our fun, we headed to WinCo for a sandwich and some munchies to take in the boat. Once our "nutritional" meal was packed up, we headed off to the park to throw the tennis ball for "Dahli". 11:50 and Matt was bangin on the doors at the rec-center (ok well, maybe I was just standing at the counter waiting for someone to help us). 12 bucks later, we were equipped with a canoe, 2 life-jackets, 4 foam car protectors, 2 paddles and a REALLY long rope for tying off.

A quick 45 min drive to Foster Lake (just outside of Sweet Home) landed us in the water and ready for action! We paddled through the windy stuff and found a somewhat secluded dock to anchor up and have lunch. After a brief swim in the FREEZING water, we decided to head back... On the way back, passing under a bridge, we were intregued to find a couple younger boys jumping off the bridge into the water. We said "meh, may as well"! A quick half-hitch knot on a tree, and we were both dangling our feet over the railing, contemplating our demise. I went first, and Jess came shortly afterwards... I was impressed :) Must have been about 25 feet or so.

Once the canoe was loaded and the dog was fed, we headed back to return the canoe before they closed at 6pm. This is a picture of the Jeep with a canoe. Yes, I realize I could probably make a Jeep commercial out of the pictures I have taken... but isnt it sexy?

New Job!


Yeah this was SOOOOO last week, but I finally got an official job offer from Iron Mountain Recruiting (www.ironmountainrecruiting.com). I went through 3 interviews, which included coffee, many phone conversaitions, and a random personality test (Don't get me started). The thrid gentleman that I interviewed with (who is the sponsor of our newly opened office) said that if Iron Mountain didn't hire me... he would be glad to add me to his team. Needless to say, I was very excited! I will be working on 100% commission starting July 15th... so that is kind of nerve racking. But I guess anything is better than nothing :)

Wish me luck! 200k here I come!

Weekend Fishing Trip

Ok so about 2 months ago I called my father and insisted that he plan a "father / son" outing that had to envolve floating down a river, fisihing, and beer! Here we are 2 months later and we add 8 more people to the mix (not that I am complaining.... "the more the marrier" seems to be a popular saying among us Updenkelders).

Day one consisted of a 5am departure from Corvallis (good thing I still have my connections!) and about a 10:30 boat launch time. I caught the largest fish of the entire trip this day, unfortunatly we were fishing for Bass, and I caught a Catfish. Too many beers later, I am dozing off in a chair near the camp fire, only waking long enough to shove a few mouth-fulls of food in. What a great day!

Day two consisted of me cursing myself for the lack of sunscreen applied on the first day. I remember my father telling me to put my shirt back on, and it's a dang good thing he did.. I ended up with second degree burns on my shoulder. Yes mother... I know we have skin cancer issues, and I know I was an idiot...

Day three fitted me back in a pontoon boat and ready for a nice relaxing float down the lower section of the John Day. Well I had no idea that we wouldnt be in ANY current all day, so my already sore arms were again punished. 4 hours and 4 beers later, I was asleep in the back of the truck! A quick Burger King stop in Madras (which I mostly slept through), and we were back on the road headed for home!

Grand Opening!

Welcome to my "work in progress" website. Since mom and Jen both have their own blogs, I thought it fitting to create my own! From Sunburns, to Cat Fish, to Conoes on the Jeep... I had a GREAT weekend. More to be posted later!

Yes, this blog is for you mother!