Once again, another member of the Updenkelder family decides to jump on the "Blog-waggon". This blog was SUPPOSED to be more of a "photo-journalistic" approach to blogging, since I am very addicted to my Canon DSLR. However, it hasnt seen much use in recent months. Thanks for tuning in! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New York here I come!! (kinda)

Well I just got an interesting email today...

Greetings, Matthew

I'm one of editors for Kodak's Picture of the Day -- and I'm writingto say Congratulations!

"X Marks the Spot" has been accepted for Picture of the Day and will appear January 21, 2006 on the Home Page of kodak.com
and every few minutes on the Kodak Times Square Gallery in New York City.

What a great shot. I'm glad Kyle convinced you to take yourcamera too! Be sure to tell him, and I hope you will keepsubmitting your pictures.

Best regards,
Marianna O'Brien

So basically my picture will be posted all over the internet and will appear in the MIDDLE of Times Square with my name! I'm gunna be famous!!!

BTW... the picture that will be posted is the skiier in my previous post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll race you to the airport :)


7:52 PM


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