Once again, another member of the Updenkelder family decides to jump on the "Blog-waggon". This blog was SUPPOSED to be more of a "photo-journalistic" approach to blogging, since I am very addicted to my Canon DSLR. However, it hasnt seen much use in recent months. Thanks for tuning in! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First day of the new job!

6:30 came awfully early this morning when my once-used alarm attempted jerk me away from dream land. In the car by 7 and in the office by 7:30 to get my feet on the ground early. I spent the first half of the day figuring out our new computer systems, and spent the second half of the day trying to figure out why my (ohh so cool) phone system was malfunctioning... I still have no idea what was wrong with it... but I assume someone will fix it tomorrow :)

Trying to get work done when you are staring outside at the 85 degree weather and watching boat after boat pulling tubes and wakeboarders is quite challenging... I cant wait for winter so I don't have to watch other people having so much fun!

So this is my office

And THIS is my view :)


Anonymous jenni said...

hey bro, how'd it go?
nice digs!

8:20 AM

Blogger Matthew said...

It's interesting... I'm still not over the "cold calling" aspect of the job, but I think once I start to get comfortable on the phone, it will be ok!

2:42 PM


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