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Saturday, August 13, 2005

1 down...

So usually I have one big post at the end of the weekend summarizing all the random mishaps... but last night was so amusing that I thought I would space it out a bit... just so all the details are fresh in my mind!

Yesterday (Friday) I ducked out of work early at about 3:30 and headed to Easmoreland Golf Course with Mark to play a quick 9 holes. I should have known that Friday afternoon, and "quick 9 holes" were not going to be two things to use in the same sentence. After a 3 hour round of golf, I had just enough time to get home and shower before Kevin's party. Conveniently enough, I rolled in to Kevin's about 30 seconds after the Limo so my timing was perfect. We all piled in the back of the Limo (Pat, Dave(?), Nick, Richard, Kevin, Derek, Leo, Me, Mike) and headed to Fred Meyer to stock up the back! I think we rolled around for an hour or so getting liquored up in the back. Around 9:30, Kevin is feeling a little drunk and decides to show us how "manly" he is be chugging half a bottle of Skyy Vodka... This should have been our first indication that things were going to get interesting. So after the chugging of the Vodka, someone decides to feed Kevin more alcohol against the wishes of myself, Derek and Leo. Around 9:30 we tried to get into our first bar (Ringlers). Things were going well until Kevin tried to talk to the bouncer at the door. We were quickly informed that Kevin would not be allowed to enter. They suggested we go get him some water and food and come back later in the night.

Off to Taco Bell! The Limo parked in a large parking lot adjacent to Subway and Taco Bell so we could all get some much needed grub. We pulled Kevin out of the Limo and sat him on some outdoor chairs at the Subway. I think Derek went in Subway to get some water for Kevin but at this point, things were going downhill fast. Pat had bought a 6" sub and offered a bite to Kevin, and, in response, Kevin took a full swing at him. Confused and offended, Pat retreated to the curb to finish his sandwich. A few minutes later, Kevin released some much needed toxins out of his body onto the curb he was sitting on. The Subway employees were not amused... One customer that walked in to the restaurant said he had called the police for being drunk in public. At this point, we knew the night was over... (for Kevin!) We called Cindy to come pick him up and 30 minutes later, after we had loaded him in to the car, we headed back out on the town!

Ringlers it was! We all managed to get back in to Ringlers ahead of the line after some quick negotiating by yours truly. We played some pool and did some dancing and went home around 1:30. Nick offered to be our "interim Bachelor" so we just told everyone that he was getting married. Kevin... we all had fun at your party! Good luck to you!

Now it's off to Corvallis for round 2 of the bachelor parties...


Blogger MomUp said...

Not the kind of thing Moms want to read unfortunately!!

12:53 PM

Anonymous jenni said...

kev, "chug" and "vodka" don't belong in the same sentence.

3:51 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Ohh mother... you were young once too!

9:57 PM

Blogger MomUp said...

Never "chugged" anything that I recall. I'm sort of a "sipper"

Can't wait till next weekend. It is going to be really fun being all together again. Picture Time!

9:15 AM

Blogger Kevin & Cindy McHenry said...

Not My Fault... someone should have been watchin how much I drank.. LOL

8:07 PM


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