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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Crazy Weekend!

So this will be my SECOND time typing this... since the first time seemed to have disappeared.

Friday - Went to Corvallis after work to visit Jess. We got a couple entrees from King Tin (YUM!) and headed down to the waterfront to have a bit of a picnic at 10pm! I was pretty exhausted from work stress, so I passed out early.

Saturday - Got up in the morning and Jess and I headed to Tristan Tree to enjoy a bucket-o-balls before I had to leave. The golf was enjoyable but I soon had to depart to make my 11am tee-time in Hillsboro. Of course I was little late making it to the course, but luckily it wasn't too busy and we were able to tee off 30 minutes late!

I played one of the best rounds of my life as far as ball control goes. My short-game was less than adequate but I ended up with a 43 for the day. Not bad considering how much I have played in the last couple years! After a hard day's golf (lol... golf hard... That's funny) we headed to Red Robin for a beer and a burger!

Later that night I headed to a bachelor party for a friend of mine in Portland. I don't want to get too detailed in what we did, but the later part of the night found us cruising through downtown Portland in a pimped-out "Liquid Charge" shortbus. This thing was ridiculous.... Probably a couple grand in stereo equipment and all the benches had been turned so that the backs were against the wall. We had a GREAT time cruising the streets with about 15 of us packed in the bus! I walked home from Touche at about 2:30am and crashed.

Sunday - Work up pretty early and was informed by Nick that we were going to go workout. After struggling at the gym, Nick gave me a ride to my car in Beaverton and we went on a small shopping trip to Lloyd Center. The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and recovering from the night before. A small BBQ at my house, and it was time for bed!

Next week = 2 Bachelor parties and a going away party!


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What about the comedy club sunday night?

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